Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Why I'm not sure I trust Blogger

What with the announcement by Google that they're closing Google Reader down in July I find myself becoming increasingly distrustful of them. So much so that I've been heavily researching moving this blog from Blogger. I think Google has become too huge. And a little bit evil. They're massive enough that it doesn't matter to them if they annoy their customer base. After all we're all just advertising targets. So I don't trust that they won't scrap blogger as just another way to try and force us to use Google +. Google + can't be everything Google - it's getting really annoying now.

I decided the best option was to self-host using wordpress' software. If it wasn't for the fact I was struggling creating a theme/layout that I liked and didn't make me want to cry I probably would have done so already. I decided to postpone it until a time I'm actually earning money as all the hosting and the like was adding up. I don't mind spending money for freedom but it seems wasteful to commit to it when I don't actually have any coming in.

If you're thinking of switching then I highly recommend reading through this website that I found. It's called 'Blogging with Amy' and has loads of useful tips about switching and self-hosting.

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