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Hello! Thanks for stopping by this page. I am super excited about the prospect of working with you. There are a variety of different ways you can work with me here at The String Empire. There's something to suit everyone.

As an unpaid volunteer in Uganda I am taking the decision to post ads on this blog to help pay for my coffee and cake. Coffee and cake are very important to the creative process. This is a fact. But they will be lovely and useful ads because they will be yours, dear reader. I am only making TEN spots available each month and they're super cute mini ones. They are also SHOCKINGLY cheap. What a bargain!

Have you spotted something on my site that tickles your fancy? Want one? I am OPEN to commissions. E-mail me to discuss your ideas at:

thestringempire (at) gmail (dot) com

I have very reasonable rates. Let me make you something pretty.

I am also a scribe-for-hire. Want something written? A feature for a magazine or a blog post perhaps? Just pop me a line at the above address and we'll have a chat about it.

Are you an artist, crafter, illustrator, blogger looking to improve your exposure online? Let me interview you! I love featuring brilliant, talented people. E-mail me at the above address, send me your links and we'll discuss how you can be involved in my blog. 

Note: I only feature people whose work I genuinely love. But I do love a lot.

Have a brilliant idea for a guest-post that you want to contribute to this blog? I love contributions! E-mail me with your ideas and we'll discuss them.

So that's all the ways you can be involved in The String Empire. Hope to hear from you soon.


* All felt portraits above were made by me. See my portraits section to see more and learn about who they are.

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