Sunday, March 25, 2012

A cover for my Kindle

It finally happened. After all my protestations of how it wasn't for me, of how I was happy in my old fashioned ways, I finally succumbed to the lure of the Kindle.

It arrived on Friday and so far I've read one whole book on it. I'm quite pleased that I weakened and bought one. It's so light! It enables me to sprawl in all kinds of new ways whilst reading. Also, I'm impressed with how little packaging it arrived in.

When I bought the Kindle I didn't like the look of the covers that were available for it on Amazon. I googled for covers and also didn't like any of the alternatives that I found. So my only option was to make my own cover. Huzah! I dragged out my scrap box and made this:

It's padded on the inside with fleece to keep the Kindle snug and safe. I also lined it with cardboard to help keep the cover stiff and secure against knocks.

Aw - look how happy the Kindle is in its little cover.

This cover is my second attempt as the first one turned out too small.

Today I'm going to have a sit and make more covers for my up-and-coming Etsy shop. That's right The String Empire will soon be on Etsy! Watch this space.


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