Thursday, March 8, 2012

A study in felt: Robert Morris at the Tate Modern

Untitled, Robert Morris. 1967-8 remade 2008.
On a recent visit to the Tate Modern I happened upon the above work by Robert Morris. I really like the simplicity of this artwork. As the felt tumbles from the hook the straight lines mingle to create interesting patterns. I also like the fact that the work is never static. Each time it is moved and displayed it changes. The felt never tumbles in the same way.

In 1967 Morris bought sheets of industrial felt and cut a series of straight lines into them. When hung the strips of felt fell to the floor under their own weight, changing each time they were exhibited. The Tate Modern says that Morris "wanted to question the fixed geometric shapes of Minimalist sculpture and the way Minimalism imposed order on materials".

It's left me wondering where I can buy industrial felt from. I wonder....

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