Thursday, August 2, 2012

A heavy jar of love

In amongst my swapping frenzy I signed up to Booty-full Things' Jar of Love Swap.

This was a really fun swap. We were to select a jar, decorate it and then fill it with whatever we wanted to give our swap partner. I was matched with the lovely Rae from Felt By Rae.

First I selected my jar:

I decorated it:

I crocheted a cover for the jar, embroidered a felt flower and then glued it to the lid. Muha.

Then I stuffed the jar with goodies, made a card and sent it off. 

There was a competition for how many things you stuffed into the jar. I did count but I failed to write down the number. Oopsie. Oh well, won't be entering THAT competition then.

I hope Rae liked all the things. Decorating jars is fun! Luckily I have a whole cupboard full of them.


  1. Hey Jenny

    What a fun idea! Pity I missed it. Doh....

    Your felt flower is beautiful and the homemade card it a lovely touch.


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