Friday, April 13, 2012

Chirpy and Dagger

Chirpy and Dagger
I have a week off because it's the Easter holidays here in the U.K.. I'd planned all kinds of wondrous projects to complete in this time. Sadly though, with my talent for bad timing, I became sick and have spent most of this week huddled under a blanket, feebly clutching a hot water bottle and whimpering. Oh, and watching some truly terrible films (Wolverine).

However, in amongst my bouts of feeling sorry for myself I did make these two chaps. They have brooch pins on their backs. They're made from a pattern of my own design and despite the pattern being identical Dagger has come out looking evil. I think it's because his eye turned into a French Knot.

I named him dagger because he's always eyeing Chirpy as if he'll stab him in the back if I'm not there watching over them. And because he looks evil. When it comes to crows, always judge by appearance.

Dagger wanted me to call Chirpy 'Cloak' so that their names together would sound 'cool'. Sorry Dagger but there is no way Chirpy can pull off 'Cloak'. He looks like if you even gave him a cloak he'd get trapped in it. What he is, at best, is mindlessly optimistic. So I have named him Chirpy.

Just look at that photo. Two minutes on the map and Dagger is already entirely in control of Brasil. And Chirpy is in the ocean. This says it all. I think it may have been a mistake to let Dagger have access to the Atlas. I think he's getting ideas. He's certainly looking quite schemey.

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