Friday, April 20, 2012

Shiny pretties from Fabric Rehab


My delivery from Fabric Rehab arrived! Yes of course I ended up buying something from there. I have no self control and will very likely have to hide my debit card this month. Only I'll have to be really cunning about it. You have to be when hiding things from yourself.

Don't be fooled by this late posting into thinking that delivery from Fabric Rehab was slow. It wasn't. It was very prompt and gratifying. This bundle actually arrived last week. I was just too distracted by having to go back to work to blog about it. Apologies.

As you can see I bought Snow White fabric, Hansel and Gretel fabric and a charm pack from Moda.

I think the charm pack is my favourite:

'A walk in the woods' charm pack from Moda.
I love the foxes and red-riding hood. It's a good thing I've resolved to hide my debit card because I could easily buy a whole bolt of fox fabric. The designer of 'A walk in the woods' is Aneela Hoey, whose blog I just found. And it looks adorable!

I've already used some of the charm pack to make some patchwork kindle cases (which are unfortunately doomed for an unrelated reason, more on this later).

All in all I am very pleased with my purchases.


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