Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lego robots at Drink, Shop & Do

All the robots pose
Last night I made good on my promise to check out Drink, Shop & Do. Drink, Shop & Do is a design shop/cafe/bar/crafty haven. During the day you can go there to shop, have a coffee, and chill out. In the evening it's a funky bar. My favourite thing about this place is all the activities you can do there. Last night they were having a Lego robot night. With cocktails.

It was very busy so our first cocktail was had standing with no Lego (boooo) but then some people left and we nabbed their table. By this point there was little Lego left so we had a real jumble of pieces. As you can see we mainly had Duplo. 

BF's Robot
My robot rests in a cocktail glass

Oh, it was so much fun! And the cocktails were delicious! They had really interesting flavours. My favourite that I had was one called 'Oh so Pretty' that involved lychees and came with a scattering of rose petals on top. Prices for cocktails ranged from £7 to £9.50, which may seem steep but is pretty standardy for London and they were nice, so worth it.

Drink, Shop and Do is a short walk from Kings Cross. It's light and airy and full of wondrous things to look at. There were people knitting socks at one table! Amazing.

A friend's robot sits with the vast collection of tea

We all had lots of fun. I will definitely be going to more events at this place. Yay for a great find! Also - it looks like they do interesting sandwich and cake plates. This will need to be investigated later.

I recommend Drink. Shop and Do to all.

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