Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tre La Creativity - supping lattes in the coffeehouse

Attention all! I bring news of an excellent new magazine. It's called 'Tre La Creativity'. And... it is all about using creativity to help with illness and stress. Huzah! Now I for one can attest to the wonderful benefits of doing crafty things. Nothing cheers me when ill or 'down in the dumps' quite like making something insane out of felt. In particular I believe it is important to TALK about ill health, stress, depression and all that jazz rather than hiding it behind closed doors. No more shame!  I am genuinely enthused and excited about this project.

You can see the info pack below (hopefully).

I love the front cover!

It's going to be PACKED full of inspirational articles, tutorials for making beautiful things, and all kinds of lovelies.

Tre La Creativity is also creating a wonderful fledgling online community. The Coffeehouse is a great place to kick off your shoes, enjoy a (virtual) latte and share ideas and projects with other crafty folk. I joined it just the other day and am having a whirl. I think it's going to turn out to be a goody. Come on by and have a peek!

Tre La Creativity is launching on the 6th of September. It will be stocked on-line and at independent retailers. You can pre-order now!


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