Sunday, May 6, 2012

Probably the best ribbons in the WORLD

After work one day a couple of weeks ago I was wandering around Marylebone in a zig-zag fashion when I stumbled upon the most amazing ribbon shop. It was like a fairy wonder cave of ribbons and pretties. My knees felt weak just looking in the window. I was so mesmerised I didn't notice the name at the time, but, having just googled for it I've discovered the shop is none other than V.V. Rouleaux.

V.V. Rouleaux sells hundreds of ribbons, and other bits and bobs of fabulousness. In amongst them all I found this collection of ribbons. I assume they are inspired by all the Britain-love at the moment roused by the Jubilee and the Olympics. There seem to be a lot of flags, bunting and 1940's-style slogans around. These ribbons follow this theme.

I. Love. Them.

I haven't used them for anything yet. I'm waiting for the right project.

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