Sunday, July 29, 2012

Popular Crafts Polka Dot Swap

Yet another swap. Huzah! This one was hosted by the website 'Popular Crafts'. It was a polka dot swap. That was basically the only condition. I love polka dots so eagerly signed up to it.

I was matched with the lovely Carla at The Ducking Fabulous Diary. We had until the end of July to send off our things so I haven't received a package yet but thought I'd share what I sent off to Carla - now that I know she's gotten them. This is what I sent:

Dotty about ducks
As Carla's blog mentions ducks in the title plus she has a wee duck in her banner I thought she might appreciate a duck portrait. A dotty one, of course. Plus when I found this fabulous purse I knew I also had to include it in her package.

Oh, I also made a card:

I'm really getting into making teacup cards.

It seems all this was well received so hooray!



  1. Can't believe it's taken me this long to get over here... I LOVED IT ALL :D Hehe, the purse is proudly nestling in my bag this very moment! Thank you muchly, I hope you liked your bits too xx


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