Sunday, July 8, 2012

Should I do a vlog?

This is a question that I've been musing on for....oh all of a week. Basically - I quite enjoy watching other people's videos. Such as those over at Musings from the Pigeons Nest. It seems a nice and fun medium.

Also, I'm quite nosey. One of the reasons I like reading blogs is that they're an effective (plus easy and legal) way of peering into other people's lives. Vlogs step this up a notch.

So I've been wondering if I should maybe make some videos. I had a spat a few summers ago of making stop-motion videos. I'm definitely going oto make some more of those but the question is - should I also make some vlogs? Featuring me?

I've been being pretty careful about showing my true face online or revealing anything too personal. This is because I currently work in a school and have been actively trying to avoid the little darlings being able to find me online. But... I finish my job in two weeks. So.... should I vlog? What do you think oh 9 followers of mine?


  1. I've seem some bad vlogs but I rekon you will do some v interesting ones!

    I do think it is a great insight into the person behind the blog and could make posts more personable?

    I say GO FOR IT!


    1. Heh. Thanks Claire. Hum - maybe I will ease myself into it gently with some stop-motion and expand from there.

  2. Yeah I would look forward to it! Your first one could be opening your parcel from me! Should be with you today or tomorrow? Love Kate xxx

    1. Squee!! Exciting! I haven't posted mine yet. Hoping to be able to do it tomorrow!


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